a list of sorts

im not sure where my mind has been the past few months, but it just dawned on me that HOLY FUCK IM JUST NOW STARTING MY LIFE.

so here are things im really excited to do/experience/get depressed over:

some basics:

i want to love someone stupid and i cant emphasize the stupid part enough.

on the flip side of this, i want someone to break my heart. like, completely shatter it to suicidal crumbs. i want to be so far broken apart and sucked into a black hole of

i want to have a group of friends, like the ones you see in tv sitcoms. i need a barney, a lily, and a ted (im totes robin) that will be my roommates, ex boyfriends, maid of honors, and my family.

i want an awesome job

above all, i want to travel.

give people a reason to remember my name

some more:

host a masquerade ball

skinny dip in an ocean with someone i love

party on a ny rooftop

see a volcano erupt

see the northern lights

date a british boy

date a musician

ride an elephant

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