select thoughts that sound like hard truths but are not

i should probably first tell you that i cant see my future with you. wait, its not that i dont want a future with you. its just that im usually disturbingly good at playing out the downfall of relationships in my head, but with you i cant see anything. with you, i cant foresee disaster like i normally do; i cant see past sex tonight, dinner tomorrow, or movie night next week…only the you and me of the here and now. i cant identify that one annoying tick ive been biting under my tongue that i know will eventually drive me to hate you. i dont see any potential clash of personalities, taboo topics, or irreconcilable values. im desperately trying to find some flaw in us that i can obsess over so i feel i have some control over my inevitable self-sabotage, but i keep drawing blanks. and this is a hauntingly blissful feeling. im terrified of not knowing what’s coming, but there is also a strange serenity to it. i dont know if you’ll be around tomorrow, but it almost doesn’t matter because the right now is fulfilling enough for me.

i also want you to know im ready for you to leave. i dont mean that i want you to, geez please dont ever. but you should know that im prepared for it when you decide to. something so delightful is bound to have an equally violent end and im fully equipped for taking the blow. every time i see you, i pretend its the last time and everyday i wake up, a part of me is expecting to never hear from you again. yes, its a morbid way to live, but its the only way i know how.

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