Monthly Archives: December 2012

i really wish you hadnt done that. you know, gone and kissed me like that. i knew from the beginning of the night that you would be trouble. i knew when you reached around to the small of my back and held your hand there like it belonged no where else. it was a subtle hold, but somehow i could feel your fingers searing burns on my skin. you were telling me a story, i think. you were telling me a story and holding me, which now when i think about it, doesnt make too much sense. i listened intently, but more so with my body than my ears. i had absolutely no idea what you were saying. how could i, when your eyes sparkled like that and your lips moved like that and your touch fired volts of electricity through my body. i had no idea what you were saying but it sounded so damn good. all i could do to keep my knees from buckling was nod and giggle and keep drinking my drink. but with each sip, your touch melted my skin a little more, like honey or ice or fire. how are you doing this, what kind of black magic is this, and how do i stop it. you must know – you have to know – what you’re doing to me.

we left the bar when the lights turned on. we walked down the street for i dont know how long, passing pockets of intoxicated laughter. then you kissed me. like really kissed me. i dont know if it was the whisky or the gin or the evening of torturous foreplay, but all bets were off when you did. your kiss is the one that writers write about, and that songs long to replicate, and that the elderly reminisce on. your hands around my neck had me paralyzed and your mouth was feeding me some sort of energy i didnt even know i craved. i dont remember the last time this happened to me, if ever. it took what seemed like days for me to open my eyes again and when i met your eyes, all i could think was how utterly fucked i now am. there is no undoing something like that, there is no forgetting a kiss like that. two hours ago we were two strangers in a bar and now you owned prime real estate on my lips for the unforeseeable future. i really wish you hadn’t gone and done that. i am so fucked.